www.asimaus.com is short for ASI MAcchine USate (ASI USed MAchinery). Our web-site wants to become the international meeting place for the selling and buying of second-hand food processing equipment. Therefore we invite all companies active in the food processing industry to visit our web-site and contact us.

www.asimaus.com holds the name of ASI S.r.L. based in Piacenza, Italy. ASI S.r.L. is specialized in the worldwide brokerage of fruits and vegetables. Over the years ASI S.r.L. has continuously built on its reputation for reliability and accuracy taking the perspective of both the seller and buyer. The reputation of ASI S.r.L. is the benchmark for www.asimaus.com and it is our goal to earn the same reputation of reliability and accuracy in the brokerage of used equipment.

Another widely known characteristic of ASI S.r.L. is its keen interest in the equipment actually processing and producing the products it sells. Therefore it is no surprise that ASI S.r.L. is closely linked to the company SIMACO, active in the development and marketing of high tech, state-of-the-art sterilization equipment. The extensive knowledge of ASI S.r.L. concerning the wide range of equipment operated in the industry is used to the advantage ofwww.asimaus.com

One of our first lines of activity is to create a wide catalog of equipment, lines and complete plants covering all the sectors of the food processing industry. We are open and very interested to start-up co-operation with all companies involved in the manufacture, re-conditioning, trade and/or use of food processing equipment. We look forward to establishing relationships based on trust, mutual benefit and a sound technical knowledge.

Our catalog uses all means possible to give an accurate and realistic picture of the condition and functioning of the equipment offered. Technical specification sheets, photo's illustration, etc. are all available. In addition, the technical people of www.asimaus.com can always be contacted for more information and to answer any questions about the equipment itself and its condition.